Please introduce us to Lynka.
I am a 21-year-old model. I was born and raised in Bujumbura- Burundi to half Burundian- half Rwandese parents. I am the fifth born in a family of six children. I am very prayerful, I believe in hard work, I love making new friends, reading, and modeling.
I am currently a first-year student pursuing my bachelors in hotel management and tourism.

What inspired you to start modeling?
Growing up I was always fascinated by the art of modeling and the fashion industry while looking up to international models like Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks. This motivated me to start modeling in 2012 and it became a way of living and expression.

Having worked in both Rwanda and Burundi what are some comparisons between the two industries?
The Burundian modeling industry is developing but at a slow pace. It is facing many challenges including the political unrest. Most of the people in the fashion industry had to leave the country

But it’s now trying to catch up while in Rwanda the industry is a bit developed. There are more fashion shows, model training and the people here are very welcoming. Once I got to know people I felt comfortable working in the industry.

Which country do you see yourself living in, Rwanda or Burundi?
I love both countries and Rwanda has grown to be my home. I wouldn’t mind living in any of the countries. Only God knows where my future lies.

As a model that was not raised in Rwanda, what are some of the challenges that you faced when you decided to join the industry?
Actually, I did not face many challenges since I used to come and be part of the fashion shows in Kigali as a foreign model. But since I moved here I have now considered a local model and the market is very competitive. Models here have more exposure than the ones in Burundi.

Was it easy for you to integrate into the Rwandan Fashion industry?
I moved to Rwanda in 2014 and at first, I was a bit scared. I felt like I was in a foreign land and I did not know how things were done here. I did not know how or where to start from. But eventually I got to meet different people and I got the hang of it and it became like a
Second home.

Is modeling a career or Passion to you?
Modeling is more than just a passion for me… (laughing) I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing it. I honestly don’t see myself loving anything else like the way I love modeling. I plan to keep doing it and always looking for different opportunities and ways to be better. Despite the fact that I have other sources of income and business besides my modeling career, I really wish it becomes my career.

Besides modeling, what else do you do?
I do event hosting, ushering and I also have other person businesses. Not forgetting that I am also a student.

As a supermodel, what are some of the duties that you are Expected to Carry out for the society and Modeling Industry?
I am expected to help out in organizing fashion shows and competitions as well as helping to train and inspire other upcoming models and above all represent the country in other international modeling events

How did winning the supermodel title in 2015 help your career?
Winning the competition helped boost my identity as a model. It was a platform that opened many doors for me, an Opportunity to meet Different people and I also got to learn a lot.
Not forgetting that the title moved me from being a model to actually being called and considered a supermodel

What are some of the fashion shows or Modeling Competitions within and Outside the country that you have Participated in?
I have been to numerous fashion events and I sometimes lose track of the exact number. Some of the shows include; Kigali fashion week, Kampala fashion week, Bujumbura fashion week, Rwanda cultural fashion show, davy k’s in my room, Soiree liputa, Bujumbura international fashion show and many more.

What are some of the challenges that Rwanda’s modeling Industry faces?
Like many other events and industries, the fashion industry also has many challenges. Some of the challenges include low and delayed payments from some event organizers and sometimes they do not respect the agreement they had with models. There is also still a challenge of exposure for models, if there is no fashion show happening then the models stay idle and at times they are forced to look for a different source of income. Another big challenge is the mindset of the public. Some people still have a negative mindset towards the industry and they do not consider it as a profession.

As a model, what is fashion to you?
Fashion is a language which tells a story about the person. It could be through the clothes you wear, the fabric and color. As once said by a top British fashion designer Katherine Hamnet, ‘clothes create a wordless means of communication that we all understand.’ Fashion is something we deal with every day. Even people who say they don’t care about fashion choose their clothes every morning that says a lot about them and how they feel.
What is the one thing that you never forget to carry when you are going for a model cast?
High heels

As a model what are some of the things that you do on a daily Basis to keep you in shape?
Every morning, I take a glass of water to keep my body hydrated throughout the day. I also love working out. When I don’t get time to go to the gym I do body exercises every chance I get. I love squats since they help a lot with my body shape and I do a couple of runs to burn extra calories.

If we got a Chance to visit your closet, what is the one thing that we should expect to find?
Without a doubt, you will find plenty of pairs of jeans. They are my to-go-to daily outfits.

What advice would you give to aspiring Models?
Nothing in life comes easy. And there is no satisfying feeling than that of following your dreams. I would encourage them to put in hard work in everything that they do and never give up. They should care for their bodies by working out and eating healthy as well as do many photo shoots to help them gain experience in front of a camera. Lastly, they should cast for different types of the fashion event.

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